Celia Lashlie Trust2

The purpose of the Celia Lashlie Trust is to contribute to societal change through working with women and particularly those women at the centre of at-risk families.

The Celia Lashlie Trust Deed has been signed and is now incorporated under the Charitable Trusts Act 1957. 

We are meeting on Saturday 1 December 2018 to discuss our next steps and where we will put our focus. We have some projects we would already like to kick off and are currently looking for funding. If you are interested in helping, or donating to, the Trust – please email us.

Trustees:  Gayle Roach, Heather Main, Helen (Hels) Milner, Jacqui Moyes, Jennifer Leahy, Kathleen Pivac and Rebekah (Beks) Henderson.

We are blessed to have a number of people supporting the Trust with their skills and experience – Matthew Underwood (Accountant), Clare Maihi and Amy Mercer (both providing legal support).