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Those of us involved in Celia Lashlie’s legacy want to support and enable the people and groups out there that are already doing ‘the work’. There are so many wonderful people out there doing work that needs to be supported… many people and groups that do not get government funding, or enough government funding, but are helping so many of our fellow Kiwis. They #getinvolved for #abetterNZ.

We have listed six groups here that we know about and think are doing wonderful work that aligns with Celia’s values and mission…and contributes to #abetternz – so if you want to #getinvolved – one option is to give to any (or all!) of the following groups…..or you can volunteer through an organisation like HelpTank or use your local Time Bank.

The Aunties

The Aunties are a group of people who for various reasons – empathy, experience, and a sense of social justice – seek to provide support and serve as kaitiaki to the vulnerable, particularly those who have experienced domestic violence.

The Aunties are led by Auntie Jackie – she works with women that who are living, or have lived, in domestic violence.  Jackie is the interface between a number of community organisations, and a burgeoning number of individual women, and a group of women called the Aunties. Meeting needs with aroha is their business.

Jackie is a huge fan of Celia’s and has been inspired by her. Celia’s daughter, Beks, has spent a day with Jackie, talking and observing the work that she does (and learning so much). Jackie’s values are very aligned with Celia’s and the work that Jackie and the Aunties are doing is walking alongside women, meeting with needs with love, and showing them empathy and compassion. We love this work!

How can you #getinvolved and support this group? Three things you can do:

  • Look at this list and get in touch with Jackie if you can help with providing any of these goods (note Jackie is based in Auckland)
  • Subscribe so that Jackie can get paid for the important work that she does
  • Donate via The Aunties Givealittle page

Trade School Industries

Trade School Industries is a charitable trust, a social enterprise, and a therapeutic community, giving formally incarcerated people the chance to turn their lives around through employment.

Trade School Kitchen is a social enterprise funded by the Trade School Industries Trust. This café is Trade School Industries’ first venture to bridge the gap between incarceration and employment. It is currently in the process of being built. Within 5 years of opening, the Trust aims to have the café run entirely by those with a prison past.

Celia would have been so supportive of the work this Trust is doing to provide employment – and more than that – support for people coming out of prison. This work particularly grabbed us because we have a member of our team that has personally had interactions with Lauren and the team at Arohata prison. Their help is authentic, innovative, and compassionate.

  • Please get in touch with Trade School Industries
  • Deposit into the following account: Trade School Industries – 38-9018-0067271-02

Wellington Homeless Women’s Trust

Wellington Homeless Women’s Trust is a volunteer run charity dedicated to making a difference within our community by providing support and accommodation to homeless women in central Wellington.

These women are in vulnerable positions and have nowhere to call home. They come to us needing hands-on support and a safe environment to rebuild their lives. The Trust provides women with up to 3 months temporary accommodation while they get back on their feet and navigate the complex systems within our society.

Most women experience homelessness due to domestic and sexual abuse. Women’s homelessness is often hidden – staying with a violent partner because she cannot afford to leave; couch-surfing from one relative to another; or living in unhygienic and unsafe buildings and/or over crowded conditions, or cars. The Trust works in partnership with a variety of social services to provide the necessary support to move women on through the three month programme.

We love the work that this Trust does and have met with them a number of times. We are keen to support them in any way we can.

Things you can do:

  • Read these stories and get an appreciation for the work that the Wellington Homeless Women’s Trust does and the women it supports
  • Donate – We love the way that the Trust has set up their donations – you can give money toward something quite specific like toilet paper or a month of rent
  • The Trust would love another space and to have more options for the women finishing the 3 month programme – can you help? Contact them here



Wahine Toa pilot programme – Porirua

A school principal in Porirua, inspired by Celia’s Power of Mothers’ book, has established a Wahine Toa group, to empower and support the mothers and women in the community. Celia’s daughter Beks is working with the school and is currently looking for funding for a space for the women to meet, talk, form connections and determine the needs of the group.




Te Whare Manaaki Wāhine

Te Whare Manaaki Wāhine is a special opportunity to specifically support women who are on the streets needing respite over the next 3 months (July – September). It was set up by the Auckland City Mission team who saw an empty building as an opportunity.

The ultimate goal of the Mission team is to collaborate extensively with all agencies to address the needs of these women who are incredibly vulnerable on the streets. The team understand that what is the opportunity to establish a therapeutic relationship with these women over a 3 month period.




Pillars is a charity for children of prisoners. Pillars have research based programmes that help create positive futures for children of prisoners by working with their families and providing a mentoring programme for the children.

The types of services Pillars provide are: a Nationwide support helpline; Wrap around family/whanau support for caregivers of children of prisoners; Mentoring programme for children of prisoners; Pillars family/whanau services in prisons; and Research and advocacy for support for children of prisoners.





HelpTank makes it easy for talented professionals to give their skills to community projects in need. It is a digital marketplace that enables professionals to efficiently find charities that need their help. They specialise in providing volunteers that have the skills and experience to complete a task for a charity.

This is a great way to #getinvolved in your community.




Time Banks

TimeBanking creates circles of giving – it is a way of trading skills in a community. It facilitates the sharing of skills between its members.

TimeBanking activity is measured by the time it takes to complete a piece of work. It builds on the magic of pay it forward.

If you aren’t able to donate money, then an option is to donate your time as a way to #getinvolved. Your time is valuable, and in TimeBanking – it is currency,




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