Wellington Homeless Women’s Trust is a volunteer run charity dedicated to making a difference within our community by providing support and accommodation to homeless women in central Wellington.

These women are in vulnerable positions and have nowhere to call home. They come to us needing hands-on support and a safe environment to rebuild their lives. The Trust provides women with up to 3 months temporary accommodation while they get back on their feet and navigate the complex systems within our society.

Most women experience homelessness due to domestic and sexual abuse. Women’s homelessness is often hidden – staying with a violent partner because she cannot afford to leave; couch-surfing from one relative to another; or living in unhygienic and unsafe buildings and/or over crowded conditions, or cars. The Trust works in partnership with a variety of social services to provide the necessary support to move women on through the three month programme.

We love the work that this Trust does and have met with them a number of times. We are keen to support them in any way we can.

Things you can do:

  • Read these stories and get an appreciation for the work that the Wellington Homeless Women’s Trust does and the women it supports
  • Donate – We love the way that the Trust has set up their donations – you can give money toward something quite specific like toilet paper or a month of rent
  • The Trust would love another space and to have more options for the women finishing the 3 month programme – can you help? Contact them here