Guiding Principles & Practical Ideas

Guiding Principles

Every child is born pure and filled with their own particular brand of magic – by realising their potential we will shape the future.

Work with the mothers – reach out, listen, walk alongside. It is through working with the women that we will change the destiny of the children.

Communities hold the power and you are a part of the community.

Have moral courage – say what needs to be said and speak up for those who cannot.

Play to your strengths – everyone has experience and talents that can contribute to change.

Practical Ideas

  1. Donate to the Celia Lashlie Trust: the Trust is focussed on contributing to societal change through working with women and particularly those at the heart of at-risk families.

  2. Donate to these groups that are doing work that Celia would have supported.

  3. Get involved in your community – use your skills, give up your time, volunteer your talents via HelpTank or your local TimeBank.

  4. Start a conversation in your community – get in contact with us if you think we can help.

  5. Give someone a smile in the supermarket.

  6. Make a friend.

  7. Use the hashtags #celiasarmy #getinvolved #abetterNZ in your social media – inspire others, show how you are getting involved.