Guiding Principles & Practical Ideas

Guiding Principles

Every child is born pure and filled with their own particular brand of magic – by realising their potential we will shape the future.

Work with the mothers – reach out, listen, walk alongside. It is through working with the women that we will change the destiny of the children.

Communities hold the power and you are a part of the community.

Have moral courage – say what needs to be said and speak up for those who cannot.

Play to your strengths – everyone has experience and talents that can contribute to change.

Practical Ideas

  1. Donate to the Celia Lashlie Trust: the Trust’s purpose is to honour Celia Lashlie’s legacy and support the work that sits within her vision. Celia’s vision was to bring about societal change through working with women and particularly those at the heart of at-risk families.

  2. Donate to these groups that are doing work that Celia would have supported.

  3. Get involved in your community – use your skills, give up your time, volunteer your talents via HelpTank or your local TimeBank.

  4. Start a conversation in your community – get in contact with us if you think we can help.

  5. Give someone a smile in the supermarket.

  6. Make a friend.

  7. Use the hashtags #celiasarmy #getinvolved #abetterNZ in your social media – inspire others, show how you are getting involved.