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There are lots of ways to connect with and continue Celia’s Legacy – check them out below! Please share the wisdom and ensure it lives on…..

Celia’s website and Facebook page

Before her death in February 2015, Celia had been building her brand and website with her dear friend Hels and her daughter Beks. This website has Celia’s first opinion pieces Women’s Work: The reality behind the headlines and The Importance of Laughter. She had planned on writing many more articles to stimulate public conversation. Unfortunately that was not to be, as on 16 February 2015, we published her final opinion piece When we walk to the edge of all the light….

The website also contains a summary of the work that has been done since Celia’s death, and information about the books she has written.

The Celia Lashlie’s Legacy Facebook page is managed by Celia’s daughter Beks, and is a great place to find out what is happening in the world of ‘Celia’ and to comment on social justice issues, share opinions, and inspire others (or be inspired!) Please join us.



Sound portrait

Wellington artist, and dear friend of Celia’s, Heather Main was commissioned to paint Celia’s portrait in July 2015. Celia was the runaway winner of a public poll to find the most deserving person to fill a space in the New Zealand Portrait Gallery’s national collection.

As a part of this, Heather also created a wonderful sound portrait to capture the many aspects of Celia’s life, work and values. If you are a fan of Celia’s wisdom – then working your way through the sound portrait is a must.



RNZ Collection

Radio New Zealand (RNZ) has put together in one place the recordings of all their Celia recordings, including her “Parenting with Celia Lashlie” segments. This is a handy list for those that would like to listen again (and again!) to Celia’s wisdom.



Celia’s books

Journey to Prison (2002)……It started with: “There is a blond, angelic-faced five year-old sitting in a classroom in New Zealand and he is coming to prison… on his way, he will probably kill someone.” This was the statement from Celia Lashlie that ripped open a controversy in 2001. The book that followed explores her prophecy. It examines the origins of crime, the way we punish offenders, the effectiveness of our prisons and why our communities need to be involved.

The Power of Mothers…..This book picks up from where Journey to Prison ended after Celia left Corrections in 1999 as Manager of Christchurch Women’s Prison. It explores her belief through the many projects she’s now involved with that the mothers, the grandmothers and the matriarchs have the power to change the lives of at-risk families, especially the children.

He’ll be OK – 10th Anniversary Edition……The tenth anniversary edition of He’ll Be OK is also a fitting tribute to Celia’s work and to its timeless relevance. How do you raise boys to become good men in a world where trouble beckons at every turn? How do you make sure they learn the ‘right’ lessons, stay out of danger, to find a path to follow? How do you ensure they’ll be OK? The new edition of Celia’s honest, no-nonsense book includes a foreword by Michael Thompson PhD, an American clinical psychologist and co-author of the best-selling Raising Cain: Protecting the Emotional Life of Boys; an introduction by Celia’s own gorgeous boy, Gene Hyde; and a selection of summarised letters from parents for which Celia’s answers represent many of the concerns she dealt with during her years as a speaker and author.

  • Buy from online stores such as Mighty Ape, or any good bookstore.





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